S1-2: The Book That Got Me Hooked on Reading

As most people know, I am a big reader. I mostly have been my entire life, whether it be children’s books such as A Fish Out Of Water or a small chapter book like Junie B. Jones  or even when I got to the bigger books, including Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Honestly, the book that got me insanely (and somewhat obsessively if I do say so myself) hooked on reading and writing would sort of be a tie between two book series.

When I was pretty young, like first to second grade, I started reading the Junie B. Jones series. I think I had read every single book from both the Kindergarten and First Grade series. It showed me a new world full of characters and humor and plot twists, and taught me important lessons as well. I believe it sparked a new love for books in my mind.

However, I also think that the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series also took a big toll in my love for reading. Yes, I enjoyed reading when I was younger, but I was still somewhat reluctant to even try some books (including Harry Potter) and see how I liked them. My cousin, Jakob, had read the PJO series and his mother recommended it to me. I borrowed all five books at once (it was honestly a bad idea; I am not organized and quite forgetful) and I started reading them shortly after. It brought yet another aspect of reading into my life — fantasy. After I read that series, I tried so many new books that I never would have opened had I not read that series.

Percy Jackson also got me into social media and fandoms, where I find so many suggestions for books I haven’t read yet from people with the same immense love for books and same favorite genres.

So, yes, Junie B. Jones started my liking for books, but PJO got me reading more than I ever thought was possible. Books are a fantastic way to open my mind into a new world, a different place. They can calm me down, make me laugh, make me cry. And it’s something I can do my entire life.


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