S1-3: What Different Colors Mean to Me

I think colors are an important part of our world and society. It shows one’s personality, actions, and affects your everyday life. Whether they’re dark, light, or neutral, they all take place in what you see every day.

Many people think that blue is a color of sadness, but I don’t believe that that’s the case. It can also mean bright and bubbly, especially if it’s a lighter blue. It can also mean calm, whether it be the color of the sky or sea. Blue is one of my favorite colors, for it is often seen in nature (and is also the color of my walls!)

Pink is stereotyped as a ‘girly color.’ I don’t think things are ‘girly’ or ‘boyish.’ If a guy or girl likes the color pink, so what? (Fun fact: A long time ago, a baby boy’s color was pink while the baby girl’s color was blue. Also, young boys used to often wear dresses!)

I like neutral colors, for they don’t express too much feeling or personality. You can’t judge someone very much if they have a neutral color, which guides you to get to know them better (Not that people should judge someone by what color they wear/like; it just so happens to be that way).

Colors are all over the world. They can mean next to nothing, or they can mean everything to someone. It’s all how you interpret it. I try my hardest not to stereotype someone based on color. Everyone’s opinion on what that color(s) mean to them varies drastically and therefore they may have a completely different explanation than you thought. Colors. hazell levessque


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