S1-4: My Idea Of A Fun Weekend

While many girls my age enjoy shopping at Forever 21 with their friends, going to Starbucks, and obsessing over the latest boy band on weekends (trust me, I’ve been asked to join them), I have a quite different perspective on a fun weekend.

First off, sleeping in is a must. Yes, that part is pretty normal. I mean, most people don’t exactly want to wake up at 5:30 on a Saturday if they don’t have to. But I already probably need more sleep on weeknights anyway, so weekends allow me to sleep for a while longer and catch up a bit.

Usually, on weekends, I’m honestly pretty lazy. I oftentimes spend lots of time on my phone or computer, whether it be reading or writing online or making edits for my social media sites. It’s a way to clear my mind and it’s one of my hobbies. I consider it fun, though others just call me a hermit. Oh well, I’d rather do requests for my over 900 followers on Instagram and Google Plus than argue with one person! 😉

Although being cooped up in my room is pretty fun, at least in my opinion, I do socialize sometimes. Once in a while, I’ll go over to one of my friends’ houses and we’ll hang out for a while. We don’t usually go anywhere specific, just usually to one person’s house and once in a while to the nearest coffee shop or bookstore (Barnes and Noble is life) to be away from loud noises.

The other thing I do is hang out with m y cousin, Felicia. She’s probably one of my favorite people. We enjoy practically the same things and we understand each other (sometimes people think it’s creepy how well we know each but that’s why we’re best friends). We are both part of the same fandoms, we don’t like doing what everyone else is doing, and we love the same types of music and books.

So, that’s basically my weekend. Not too much action, but I’d rather relax and talk to people who understand me than go out shopping. I don’t like shopping. At all. Well, unless it’s for books or fandoms. Then I love it!


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