S1-5: The Most Fun I’ve Had Recently

I had a lot of fun on Sunday, when I was first at my cousin Felicia’s house, at the soccer field playing two back-to-back games, and finally with my dad eating dinner and Orange Leaf. It was an eventful day, but definitely fun and enjoyable.

I had a sleepover with my BCF/framily (BCF stands for Best Cousins Forever and framily is a mix of friends and family) Felicia on Saturday night. We mostly just ate food and read the Blood of Olympus, which came out on Monday. Anyway, we woke up around eight on Sunday morning and immediately went back to reading our book, determined to finish. We finished our books around nine o’clock and proceeded to obsessing and fangirling about the whole book.

Later, we had delicious waffles made by my aunt Cassie and watched some Big Bang Theory. Afterwards, we went down to her basement and did some cosplay on the Heroes of Olympus series, which was pretty fun. Then, we made a small story/fanfiction about one of the characters from the Percy Jackson series meeting another character from the follow-up series. We did that until my mom came and I left to go get ready for soccer.

Soccer was pretty awesome, in my opinion. We’re not the best team, we haven’t won a single game this year and usually the score is something like 11-1, but we didn’t let our spirits down. We played Knoxville the first game, who we had played some weeks before. The score last time we played them was 11-0, but this week we only lost 2-0! It seems somewhat small, but considering how we’ve been playing and how well we played this week, it is a big accomplishment.

The second game was against Gilbert, whom we had never played before. The ending score was a tie 0-0,  which we were pretty proud of.

After that, my dad took me out to a Vietnamese restaurant called A-Dongs. I got this stir-fried rice with beef, and it was delicious! After dinner, we went to the library to drop off some books and then to Orange Leaf for some delicious frozen yogurt.

It was an eventful day, but one that I am happy about.


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