S1-8: My Bedroom From Top To Bottom

My bedroom isn’t the most intricate thing in the world, definitely, and I think it’s more a place to sleep, read, be on my computer, and trap my cats in than a place to get  ready and hold parties and have people over and stuff. But honestly, do you expect me to take the time to ask somebody to come over? I’d much rather huddle in a corner reading and petting my cat. People have told me that I’m going to be that old cat lady when I’m 80 and honestly, I don’t really doubt them.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic. I can’t really explain my room in a top to bottom fashion, as that level of organization is beyond me. So, instead, I shall explain my room in a randomly shouting out objects fashion. Much more fun!

I, of course, have a large, 5-shelf bookshelf, filled up with more things than I probably should have in there. My top shelf is of little statues and random thingamajigs (it’s a word)  along with my unfinished fish bowl lamp that I have held off for who knows how long. On the second shelf, there’s some make up and jewelry that I rarely use along with some other stuff that I probably put there a month ago because I was lazy. On the third shelf, there’s a few books, but then just random things that I thought I should put there. And finally, the bottom two shelves are dedicated entirely to books. Books, books, and more books. I wish I was tiny so I could live in those two shelves.

I then have my queen-sized bed, which is quite comfortable. I like to sleep there (that’s blatantly obvious…oh well) and also have cuddle and reading sessions with my favorite cat (I’m her favorite too), Sophie.

There’s the papason (it’s a type of chair) in the corner by my four windows, too. It’s where a lot of my reading takes place and is convenient with its nightstand placed next to is and Bluetooth speakers in case I want music, which is often.

Next to that is the cat sill, by another window. My cat surprisingly doesn’t use the top two shelves that are actually by the window, though. She prefers the dark, enclosed shelf underneath those. That’s my girl!

And next to that is my desk with my computer, which I am currently typing on. I spend a lot of time there…

On the next side of the wall are my two closets, full of lots of things that I don’t wish to go into. Lots of clothes and craft things. Fun things I don’t use, you know? Well, I use clothes…you get the point.

There’s my dresser, but nothing exciting there. Just a boring old dresser that we’re planning to paint to match accordingly to my color theme. Speaking of which, three of my walls are a bright turquoise while the other one is an extremely bright green that wows people when they walk in. Most of my room is brightly colored, which is fun and exciting. I have a whole room set planned out that we’re slowly getting into.

On my walls, there’s a lot of random photos and paintings and a couple whiteboards. There are three movie posters, stickers, and just random things. It kind of describes me. 🙂

There used to be a big purple shag rug on my floor, but then I decided that it no longer belonged in my cave and we took it out. Still working on finding something to put on my floor, but for now, I like my hardwood floors!

And finally, my door. The very thing that encloses me from the outside realm. There’s a mirror on one side, the side that is in my room. On the outside, there are various drawings and paintings and such. Yay for randomness!

That ends the mess and love that is my room. Currently, my cat is sleeping on my coat and I am sitting on my computer listening to Fall Out Boy, and we are the only ones who occupy this space. But at some point my mom will probably come in and tell me to go to bed, or I’ll have to go outside and get a glass of water from the kitchen or something. For now, though, I’ll enjoy this alone time and probably just write another chapter of my book.


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