S1-10: What’s Good About Hard Work?

Hard work. Not many want to do it, but everyone does it. It doesn’t matter if it’s in school, or at home, or sports, or any other activity. Most, if not all, require hard work.

Now, some people, like me, are just simply lazy and don’t want to do anything. I mean, I do it, I just am lazy and really don’t want to. However, I know it pays off in the long run. It leads to so many more opportunities, no matter what you’re doing. Good grades is a good job (usually). Working hard at sports can get you into better teams and teams you want to be in. Practicing your instrument can make you better at it and can get you into different things, like jazz band, honor band, etc. No matter what you’re doing, it always comes back to you. That’s why everyone should work hard at whatever they’re doing.


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