S1-9: Morning Madness

Mornings. Are. Insane.

Not only do I naturally wake up at an early hour on the weekdays, but I have sleeping problems often. Like last night, it took over an hour to fall asleep. That can really tire a person out.

The mornings for me are a mess of getting ready, doing my hair, eating breakfast, getting my instruments together, putting all my schoolwork in my backpack, bringing everything out to the living room, making sure my stepdad is up on time to get me (and whoever else we’re picking up) to school on time, to double check I have everything, and to finally leave a little before seven. It seems crazy that I do all of that, and quite frankly, it feels like that too.

I oftentimes can’t keep track of which day is which. Is it Monday? Thursday? A day 2? Do I have band, or jazz band, or both? Oh no, I didn’t have any homework for P.E. did I? No, okay, I didn’t. Wait, do I even have P.E. today? Is there show choir after school? My mind seems to think a mile a minute – actually, a mile a second – and although it helps me sort out what I need, sometimes I feel like I’m going insane (or more insane than I already am).

Then, there’s my whiteboard that I have to check to make sure I’ve done everything I need to that morning. With everything on top of each other, and also that I’m the only one awake and have to do everything quietly as to not wake up my mom or brother, I think can be called crazy.


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