S1-13: I Never Thought “Moo” Would Be Associated With Root Beer

Question of the Week: What if cows gave root beer instead of milk?

     Is there such thing as  root beer butter? How about root beer cheese? No? There needs to be.

Let’s be honest, cow root beer would be amazing and I would immediately move on a farm. I wonder if there’d be different thicknesses, like milk does. Ooh, you could add cream! Whole Root Beer, Mostly Root Beer…can you tell I don’t know what kinds of milk there are? Whoops. I don’t drink milk, so I have a reason!

However, as amazing as root beer from a cow would be, that would mean no milk. Milk is pretty essential to lots of delicious things that I eat probably more often that is healthy. Yes, there’s substitutes for milk, but in my opinion, those are disgusting. No more macaroni and cheese, or butter on toast, or cheese, or basically any noodle meal? I couldn’t live without that!

So, yes, cow root beer would be a revolution worth remembering, but I don’t know if I’d give up milk, cheese, or butter for it. Maybe just normal root beer is enough for me.


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