S1-14: Borrowing…or Stealing?

Question of the Week: What would you do if a friend borrowed things from you and never returned them?

     This has happened to me before. Especially with pencils, which is extremely annoying considering I don’t have lots of pencils anyway, and each one counts.

When this happened, I ended up just confronting the person. It wasn’t a great big deal or anything, I just talked to them about it. They were nice enough to give me some of my supplies back, and it all turned out well. I think, whether it be something as trivial as borrowed pencils or something much more important, you just need to talk it out. It helps with your problems, and gets one of those weights off of your chest.

Of course, you could also be a ninja, jump down their chimney, and steal your pencils back while they’re sleeping. There’s always the ninja option.


One comment

  1. shannanbelden · January 2, 2015

    I think communication is a wonderful first step. There are a lot of misunderstanding that could easily be solved if people just talk to each other!

    Ms. B


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