S1-15: Meow Meow, We’re Falling From The Sky

Question of the Week: What if it really did rain cats and dogs?

     First of all, I would like to make this point clear that I absolutely love cats and dogs. Other people…not so much.

Of course, there would be some people who would practically have hearts dancing in their eyes as they ran outside to save the falling cats and dogs and bring them home to keep. I would probably be one of those, to be honest. I would also, however, be scared of something falling on me and knocking me out. “Death By Falling Cat,” now that’d be a story.

It’d be bad for those who are allergic, though. Really bad. I think part of the population would decrease. So, possibly, it would be a bad idea for it to actually rain cats and dogs. If it rained birds, that might be better, since they can fly, but would also leave a lot of gross things on the ground that I would also not want to fall on my head.


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