S1-17: Feeling Greedy?

Question of the Week: If you received any sum of money, what would you do with it?

     If you asked a person whether they wanted to be rich or not, most people would probably choose to be rich. Anyone could see why. You could buy almost anything, invest in the stock market big time, start your own business, and nearly everything else. Money can get you lots of places, though it would be better for this world if it were the contrary. And so, many people in this world set off to earn money, wherever and however they can.

     Sure, it’d be fantastic having a lot of money. However, would it get you a lot of publicity? Suddenly, you’re rich. People know your name. You have people on your tails, asking to be some sort of ally with you. You’re known in the nation, the world. For some people, that’s great, but for me, I wouldn’t like it. I wouldn’t get much privacy, if any. I like being independent and not widely known. Sometimes I feel bad for celebrities because of all the things they have to do just to get some privacy in their life. It’s crazy, if you ask me.

     Back to the question, though, if I had an (I’m assuming) extremely large amount of money that was given to me, I would first give some to family and close friends. I don’t need a ton of money to get by, and I am just fine helping out other people. That’s why after that, I would donate some of my fund to charities and fundraisers, after doing research on which ones actually are good ones. There are some charities that don’t actually give much of the money to the people they say they do, which angers me greatly.

     After doing those things, I would definitely put a lot of my money in a savings account, where I can keep it safe for things that might be important later on and also to make sure I don’t ever run out. I’ve always been good at saving my money, and I hope that continues throughout my life.

     Finally, I would spend some of my money on myself. I’d buy myself a decent sized house, maybe even arrange to build one. Of course, there’d be a library. A big library, suitable for the nerd I am. Then, there’d be a recording studio/music room, for all my musical needs. I’d have a room, right off of the library, for reading. It’d be a silent room with lots of windows for natural light. Last year, I made myself a dream house with all of these unique rooms. I’m in the process of using my dad’s AutoCad program to make a more detailed one on there as well.

     I think it’s important to be wise with your money, so you don’t end up badly in the long run. Think about what you do before you do it. Otherwise, it would be great to have some extra dollars to spend on what I please!


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