S1-18: Unfortunately, We Need Rules So We Don’t Die

Question of the Week: If there were no rules, what do you think would happen?

     We’d all die.

     I wish I could just end it there, you know? It’s a pretty accurate answer. However, I do need a paragraph, so let’s do this.

     First of all, no rules would let the bad rebels roam free. We couldn’t do anything about robberies, murders, or anything else that happens in the world. There could be a nuclear war, which would in short result in the detonation of the planet. Fun!

     There also would be no school that anyone would have to go to, which would leave jobless people (not that that would matter…it’d be a free-for-all wherever you went) and, assuming the world survived long enough for children to be born and grow, very stupid people. Well, unless all the kids knew was the horrible things the world would resolve to. I read a story like that once. Very disturbing.

     If you gave it ten years, at the most, the population of every living organism known to exist would be extinct. So, let’s make sure we keep rules, because I don’t want to die.


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