S2-21: You’d Think I Was Strong Until It Went Dark

Question of the Week: If you were lost in the woods and it got dark, what would you do?

     Okay, let’s get this embarrassing fact out of the way right now: I AM SCARED OF THE DARK.

     So, if I was stuck in the woods in the first place with not the slightest idea how to escape, I’d be close to tears as it is. Plus, that would most likely mean no connection, which would mean no phone calls available. That freaks me out a lot, too – when there’s no reception. It’s just a deep, dark, reminder that you’re practically in the middle of nowhere.

     If it started to get dark, I would probably run around like a maniac, and if it didn’t provide any helpful hints, I’d probably freak out completely and appear to anyone else like a slightly insane person. I don’t “freak out” very often, so to speak, but when I do, it’s not something anybody wants to witness.

     If my mind didn’t have a shut-down, I’d probably try to be smart and find means of escape, though. I mean, there would have to be something I could do.


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