S2-22: I Was Extremely Disappointed When I Didn’t Receive My Hogwarts Letter

Question of the Week: What would you do if you found a magic wand?

     “Yer a wizard, Harry!”

     Words can not express how much I love Hagrid. Of course, though, my favorite character would have to be Luna Lovegood. She’s so fabulous!

     Magic wands automatically make me think of Harry Potter (obviously). You might want to watch out for some puns in this one.

     If I found a wand, I would automatically assume it to be abandoned (because Merlin, who would leave their wand in a random place for any old Muggle to pick up?) and would probably keep it as my own. I would have to know that being able to do magical things could be fun, but also the thought of doing magic can be deathly…hallows.

     I mean, though, look at all of the possibilities! I could Weasly my way out of most situations, learn to Apparate, and finally figure out what that mysterious ticking noise in my room is (let’s hope it’s not a pipe bomb)! I could pull off so many pranks that no one would know how I did it! Maybe I could even register late into Hogwarts! That would be so cool…do you KNOW how much I wanted to go to Hogwarts? It’s my dream.

     Yeah, on the other side of things, I could die a painful death at the hand of some magical Dark Magic gang. It would be Crucio (that was really a bad pun…I meant crucial) to be very protective of myself and my family, especially if I accumulated something as amazing as a wand. Although, I think if I did get a wand, the first thing I would do is raise it in the air and announce, “My father will hear about this!”


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