S1 -24: My Pencil is Black and You Look Sort of Green

Question of the Week: If you had to describe yourself as a color, which would you choose?

     Colors, colors, everywhere, in my mind and in my hair.

     In my eyes when I get dehydrated…that’s probably not normal but whatever.

     Yeah, well, anyway, we’re talking about colors this week. A lot of people think that I don’t like color (I know that because they ask me), but that’s not necessarily true. I just don’t like wearing a lot of color. There’s a difference.

     See, I can’t describe myself as just one color. It’s more like a big blob of black, and then in the center there’s a lot of blue, with some specks of red and orange. There’s a picture attached to this, yeah? That’s what I look like in my mind if you ask me that question.

     You see, the majority is black. It sort of represents a dark abyss, which is full of my thoughts and opinions. My mind is not always the happiest place, but it does have a lot of thoughts. Black doesn’t always have to mean angry and evil, though. Some people just really like black.

     Technically, black isn’t even a color, but I’m counting it.

     Blue is my second most used color. Some of it’s lighter, and some of it’s darker, and sometimes it changes (in my mind – I was too lazy to make a gif of that photo). It represents more of my happy thoughts, actions, etc.

     The red and orange specks symbolize my spontaneous outbursts. Sometimes those outbursts are of emotion, or very loud speaking, or singing a weird song about murder. (It’s an interesting one, too – cantaloupes murder dragons). They also represent the very important people in my life. There aren’t many, but I treasure them a lot.

     All of these things make me me. I’m a pretty dark blob of colors, but I’m not insane, so that’s good.

     This blog post got deep and serious. That’s not normal.

     When I think of you, I think you are green. Don’t ask why, but everyone except for about two people (not including me) are green in my mind. I do think about this question a lot, actually. So, yes. My pencil is black, and this monitor is silver, and the walls in my room are blue, and the door is brown, and you’re green.


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