S2 – 25: I’m First Place in Weird Blog Posts About Books

Question of the Week: What would happen if you found gold in your backyard?

     Easy there, Sally. I’m not rich. However, if I was lucky enough to find gold in my backyard (which would be great, thank you very much), I would have some ideas on how to use it.

     Now, I would hope that my baby brother wouldn’t find it first, because then he’d probably try to eat it and that might not end well. Plus, then I’d loose all that moolah I could be getting right now! If I did find it first, however, and managed to claim it as mine, there are a couple options I could do:

1. Keep it for the beauty. Gold is probably pretty cool-looking, at I could show it off to my lots of friends that I always have over at my house…ha ha… ha…

2. Go somewhere where I could trade it in for money. Then I could be temporarily rich and buy some sort of giant fandom store/24 hour library.

     Option two sounds ideal to me. A twenty-four hour library would be where I could live and breathe and stay in my own little fictional world. Plus, then I wouldn’t have to wait for the next book in the series. Plus, part of it could be a fandom merch store with lots of band and book shirts and puns and objects and jewelry and…psh, no, of course I didn’t already plan all of this out and sketch it in a notebook! I don’t know what you’re talking about!


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