S2 – 26: Wild Hairstyles and Awkward Denials (only because it rhymes)

Question of the Week: What’s the wildest hairstyle you’ve ever seen?

     I really want some crazy hairstyle. That’d be fun. Fun fun fun fun fun.

     I’m bored. But, writing is fun, so let’s have some fun, shall we? We’re asking about the cool, wild hairstyles you might see in your life. I, for one, have seen some fun things. Lots of completely dyed hair and half-shaved heads with odd patterns and that one time in fifth grade when I was at Urbandale a kid named Wyatt shaved a U for Urbandale on his head. Those are probably the wildest, but also very fun. I kind of want to dye part of my hair a bright color. JUST FOR FUN LOL.

     Alright, I’m done.


One comment

  1. Justin · March 23, 2015

    I have seen lots of crazy hair. I think the mohawk that is super tall is probably top of the list.


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