S2 – 27: Could I Even Survive Such A Travel?

Question of the Week: If you could only take three people with you on a trip around the world, who would you bring and why?

     To any of my friends: If I don’t choose you, please don’t be offended. You guys are still fantastic (:

     A trip around the world would be fun, no doubt, but it would also be tedious. Such an adventure would require people I trust wholeheartedly and people with a good sense on life and the world. I think having people like that would be fun and we would all have a good time.

     The first person I would bring along on this journey would probably be my cousin, Felicia. Although we are technically family, she is my best friend. We enjoy very similar things and almost always get along. We have many of the same friends as well. She is a great, intelligent person who I think is wiser than her age (the same as mine) and I know I could trust her to come with me if she wanted to. We would probably want to go to see ruins of the ancient places of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. We would also probably want to go to Italy and eat pizza. Pizza is good.

     The second person I would choose would probably be my friend Hailey. She is my other best friend (who isn’t related to me) and although she lives in Canada, we also get along very well and enjoy similar things. All three of us, including Felicia, are friends and I would consider us pretty smart and responsible. A trip with these people would be very fun.

     Finally, well, the third person would be very hard to choose. I feel like I couldn’t choose anyone from school since the former people I mentioned don’t know who I would choose here, would it be somebody I knew from school. If I had to choose, it might be another girl I know, Alara, who is all of our friends, and again, we enjoy similar things, or Geneveive (aka Gigi), who has the same ordeal.

     In conclusion, a trip to travel across the world would be fantastic, especially with some of by best friends. I would totally let this happen if I could!


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