S2 – 29: Show Choir (They Always Said You Had to Work Hard to Achieve Greatness)

     Show choir, though a fun experience, is also a stressful and, to be honest, quite a crazy one. I got into it through audition – it is a select group that is divided by grade. My group has around 55 people in it, which is quite a lot, and I think it can have upsides and downsides. More people can mean a better overall performance as well as the implication that we have some very talented seventh graders However, it also means more work that has to be done over and over as well as more people becoming distracted and not listening.

     In show choir, we work seemingly non-stop, and we always seem to have concerts coming up. We have had workshops, dress rehearsals, parent concerts, and extra practices. We worked for over a month on one song, and then suddenly learned the other two in about three rehearsals. It was unbalanced, stressful, and definitely imperfect. We are under a lot of pressure, but it’s an experience to learn with and from.

     I think this relates to the ALM aspect of Enrichment. This entire experience was one of exploration, as it was something I had never done before and decided to try. Our cultural activities involved seeing other show choirs perform and getting help by professionals to critique our work. We went on tour around to the elementary schools in West Des Moines as well. I think these things and show choir overall fit in with Enrichment.

     Show choir was definitely something that I grew from, both as a person and as a learner. All of the crazy last-minute practices and unbalanced timing was something I could learn time management from. Also, being someone who would like to become a musician as I get older, it helped me grow as a musical person as well. Overall, I think it was a good experience that I enjoyed, though I think it could have been even better if we had been more organized. In the future, I will hopefully do more music-related things like show choir, and I could take some of the new found knowledge, like dance moves and how (not) to organize things like a select group.

     Although, yes, I ranted quite a bit about how many things I didn’t like about the show choir experience, overall I did enjoy it and will most likely do it again next year. Hopefully, by then, people will learn when to be quiet and listen so we don’t have to rush for time.


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