S2 – 30: Frog Dissections (That’s Disgusting!)

I’m not one of those super girly-girls who hates anything guts and blood, but I’ll admit that the frog dissection was not the most fun experience I had. We were told to partner up and then were given a packet and basically just received the get-go. I was partnered with Charly Froerer, who did most of the cutting because, I mean, come on, it was an entire frog! I’d rather they be alive and in the wild than dead in the classroom smelling like formaldehyde.

We had to cut open the frog, find certain body parts, and document about them and what they do to the system. Cutting the frog open was probably the worst part, honestly. The rest was fairly simple – take out certain parts and look at them. I honestly found it somewhat interesting (along with mildly disgusting, of course). Frogs have a giant liver with three lobes. We had to take it all out in order to see most of the rest of the frog. The fat bodies were these weird stringy yellow things (that kind of looked like spaghetti squash…which I will never think of the same again).

I think this project fits in with the Enrichment catergory. We got to explore new areas of science. It’s not that we never have dissected anything, of course – but this was more in-depth and very hands on. It also was a sort of investigation, in my opinion. We got to learn independently/in a small group about something and go deeper into it (very literally). I would consider this an activity that would fit in best with this catergory for those reasons.

This project helped me grow as a learner. I got to experience a new way of learning things, and it was something that I will remember and learn from in the future as well. I would consider it a good experience, as everyone in class learned a lot and got to do something that they might never get to do again. The next time I do something like this, I can definitely go back to this experience. Firstly, it would help me get over some of my squeamishness. Also, I can remember that if you don’t listen very closely, you can irrevocably mess up and it would not be beneficial. All in all, it was an experience I can learn from now and in the future and that I think lots of people enjoyed.


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