S2 – 31: Genius Hour (BOOKS)

Can you tell I love to read and write? Because I do. And therefore, I starting writing a book for my Genius Hour project, and recently presented it.

To prepare for our presentation, we had to do several things. Firstly, we had to write a script. There were about eight questions we had to answer within this script, and there was a time requirement for it as well. Next, we had to make a visual aid. It was asked to be minimal, with little to no words. I simply just had the cover of my book. After that, we were told to practice multiple times and come up with a time for your entire presentation. Mine was around nine minutes. You could have it between five and eleven minutes.

When I presented, I wasn’t too nervous, which was a good thing. I had practiced a lot, so it went fairly smoothly. I talked about many things. I explained why I wrote my book. I talked about the book itself (Fly Away Again) and read a small snippet from it. I said what the best part of doing my project was as well as what I would change if I did it again. I said what I learned from the project. I spoke about the problems I had to overcome while doing my project. I tried to add some jokes and sarcasm in it as well. All in all, I think it went pretty well.

I think this entire project would fit best with the In-Depth Projects dimension. As a big reader, I used my favorite authors as well as other authors as my mentors to aid with my writing. I watched Ted Talks and other presentations to prepare for my final presentation. I made a conclusion of my project and presented it in front of an audience. Finally, I assessed myself in the PELPs on the project as well as was assessed by my teacher.

This project helped me grow both as a learner and a person. I learned a lot about writing and presenting, as well as learned other things that will help me in the future. It was a great experience for me, as I was doing something I really enjoyed. The presentations were also challenging, but fun, and I enjoyed the experience. I can use my presentation and my project in general for uses of future speeches and presentations as well as when I continue writing in the future.


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