S2 – 32: Choir Concert

We recently had a choir concert, which went pretty well, considering all of the things we had to do in such a short amount of time. We have been practicing nearly ten songs all semester preparing for this concert. Show choir didn’t perform, as we had out concert earlier. When we performed at the PAC in the high school, there were an insane number of people there. Once everyone got on the risers, we were very squished and I felt quite claustrophobic. I also helped turn pages for my mom, who was the piano player, during the boys’ songs.

I think this experience fits in best with the Enrichment category. We got to explore new music and learn from it. We got to watch professionals perform the same pieces we were doing and learn from it. We had many practices, that were preplanning for the concert. We had to skip some classes to meet altogether when it got nearer to the concert. We were assessed on our performance at the concert.

This helped me grow as a learner and as a person, especially since I would like to get into a musical career as I get older. I learned more about music in the singing sense, and got to experience it more. It was a fun and great experience for me. I love to sing and it got me more practice for the future. When I sing in the future, I can use what I learned from this experience to help me become even better.


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