S2 – 25: I’m First Place in Weird Blog Posts About Books

Question of the Week: What would happen if you found gold in your backyard?

     Easy there, Sally. I’m not rich. However, if I was lucky enough to find gold in my backyard (which would be great, thank you very much), I would have some ideas on how to use it.

     Now, I would hope that my baby brother wouldn’t find it first, because then he’d probably try to eat it and that might not end well. Plus, then I’d loose all that moolah I could be getting right now! If I did find it first, however, and managed to claim it as mine, there are a couple options I could do:

1. Keep it for the beauty. Gold is probably pretty cool-looking, at I could show it off to my lots of friends that I always have over at my house…ha ha… ha…

2. Go somewhere where I could trade it in for money. Then I could be temporarily rich and buy some sort of giant fandom store/24 hour library.

     Option two sounds ideal to me. A twenty-four hour library would be where I could live and breathe and stay in my own little fictional world. Plus, then I wouldn’t have to wait for the next book in the series. Plus, part of it could be a fandom merch store with lots of band and book shirts and puns and objects and jewelry and…psh, no, of course I didn’t already plan all of this out and sketch it in a notebook! I don’t know what you’re talking about!


S1 -24: My Pencil is Black and You Look Sort of Green

Question of the Week: If you had to describe yourself as a color, which would you choose?

     Colors, colors, everywhere, in my mind and in my hair.

     In my eyes when I get dehydrated…that’s probably not normal but whatever.

     Yeah, well, anyway, we’re talking about colors this week. A lot of people think that I don’t like color (I know that because they ask me), but that’s not necessarily true. I just don’t like wearing a lot of color. There’s a difference.

     See, I can’t describe myself as just one color. It’s more like a big blob of black, and then in the center there’s a lot of blue, with some specks of red and orange. There’s a picture attached to this, yeah? That’s what I look like in my mind if you ask me that question.

     You see, the majority is black. It sort of represents a dark abyss, which is full of my thoughts and opinions. My mind is not always the happiest place, but it does have a lot of thoughts. Black doesn’t always have to mean angry and evil, though. Some people just really like black.

     Technically, black isn’t even a color, but I’m counting it.

     Blue is my second most used color. Some of it’s lighter, and some of it’s darker, and sometimes it changes (in my mind – I was too lazy to make a gif of that photo). It represents more of my happy thoughts, actions, etc.

     The red and orange specks symbolize my spontaneous outbursts. Sometimes those outbursts are of emotion, or very loud speaking, or singing a weird song about murder. (It’s an interesting one, too – cantaloupes murder dragons). They also represent the very important people in my life. There aren’t many, but I treasure them a lot.

     All of these things make me me. I’m a pretty dark blob of colors, but I’m not insane, so that’s good.

     This blog post got deep and serious. That’s not normal.

     When I think of you, I think you are green. Don’t ask why, but everyone except for about two people (not including me) are green in my mind. I do think about this question a lot, actually. So, yes. My pencil is black, and this monitor is silver, and the walls in my room are blue, and the door is brown, and you’re green.

S2 – 23: Just Keep Surviving in an Unnatural Habitat

Question of the Week: What if everyone lived underwater? Where would people live? What games would children play? What would school be like?

     However cool it would be to live underwater, I hope that we could adapt to breathing there. I mean, I’d hate wearing a heavy-duty underwater suit for my entire life.

   If we all lived underwater (and we hadn’t adapted to the circumstances yet), we would, in my mind, live in a completely water-sealed home with oxygen, unless we wanted to wear water suits all the time. Everything that wasn’t in the non-water areas would have to be more dense than water or strictly anchored to the ground. That sounds like a lot of work…remind me to never become an underwater construction worker.

     We couldn’t drive cars or drive boats, considering we’d be underwater. Maybe we could learn to take a submarine for a drive? That’d be cool…driving submarines. Maybe there’d be a submarine dealership, like an underwater Toyota!

     So, yes, in conclusion, we would have to change a lot of things in order to successfully live underwater. However, it would be awesome!

S2-22: I Was Extremely Disappointed When I Didn’t Receive My Hogwarts Letter

Question of the Week: What would you do if you found a magic wand?

     “Yer a wizard, Harry!”

     Words can not express how much I love Hagrid. Of course, though, my favorite character would have to be Luna Lovegood. She’s so fabulous!

     Magic wands automatically make me think of Harry Potter (obviously). You might want to watch out for some puns in this one.

     If I found a wand, I would automatically assume it to be abandoned (because Merlin, who would leave their wand in a random place for any old Muggle to pick up?) and would probably keep it as my own. I would have to know that being able to do magical things could be fun, but also the thought of doing magic can be deathly…hallows.

     I mean, though, look at all of the possibilities! I could Weasly my way out of most situations, learn to Apparate, and finally figure out what that mysterious ticking noise in my room is (let’s hope it’s not a pipe bomb)! I could pull off so many pranks that no one would know how I did it! Maybe I could even register late into Hogwarts! That would be so cool…do you KNOW how much I wanted to go to Hogwarts? It’s my dream.

     Yeah, on the other side of things, I could die a painful death at the hand of some magical Dark Magic gang. It would be Crucio (that was really a bad pun…I meant crucial) to be very protective of myself and my family, especially if I accumulated something as amazing as a wand. Although, I think if I did get a wand, the first thing I would do is raise it in the air and announce, “My father will hear about this!”

S2-21: You’d Think I Was Strong Until It Went Dark

Question of the Week: If you were lost in the woods and it got dark, what would you do?

     Okay, let’s get this embarrassing fact out of the way right now: I AM SCARED OF THE DARK.

     So, if I was stuck in the woods in the first place with not the slightest idea how to escape, I’d be close to tears as it is. Plus, that would most likely mean no connection, which would mean no phone calls available. That freaks me out a lot, too – when there’s no reception. It’s just a deep, dark, reminder that you’re practically in the middle of nowhere.

     If it started to get dark, I would probably run around like a maniac, and if it didn’t provide any helpful hints, I’d probably freak out completely and appear to anyone else like a slightly insane person. I don’t “freak out” very often, so to speak, but when I do, it’s not something anybody wants to witness.

     If my mind didn’t have a shut-down, I’d probably try to be smart and find means of escape, though. I mean, there would have to be something I could do.

S2-20: My Idea of Fun Isn’t What You Probably Think, But Eh

Question of the Week: If you could do whatever you wanted to right now, what would you do?

     If I could do anything…right now…hmm. It’s really a deep question, if you think about it. Right now, all I want to do is go home, listen to some Pierce the Veil and soothe my horrible throat, but on any other day, I would want to do something productive, most likely.

     If I had all the time, money, strength, etc. in the world, then I could do quite a lot. I could practically save the world. A real-life superhero? Count me in.

     But, if I was to be selfish, I would probably get myself a library to hide in with a few select friends, lots of food, my electronics, and a nice set of headphones. Reading and music are, quite literally, my life. I would probably drag my Canadian friend down here to spend time with me as well. More fun!

     Well, since that’s not the case, and I’m stuck here at school for the next four or so hours, I’m going to go be my boring self. Yay!

S2-19: It Turns Out, Children Could Be Deadly

Question of the Week: What would happen if children ruled the world?

     Again, as I said last week, we need rules so we don’t die. I think if we were run by children, that would break that way of society as well. I mean, let’s be honest here, what do children do? Get on their electronics, do whatever pleases them, all of the modern-day things we are into. They don’t care about laws or planning. They want to have fun, which is acceptable…as long as they’re not ruling everyone on this planet. Without the rules we have and need, we’re all going to die. And that’s not something most people want to do, especially at the hands of such a thing.